What we do

We create outstanding products, and we fulfill the special wishes of our clients in the fields of the international lifestyle. We organize planning, development, design, manufacturing and all necessary steps for the realization of individual and mostly very exclusive wishdreams. With us, talented and wealthy people can start a successful music or film career without asking the big players in the music and film business. We're the only ones to make it possible. But no matter what our clients wish from us, they get their unique mondiani dream-experience!

You can handle many things at the phone. Agreements that we do rather not!

Away from our own creations all starts with a personal talk where our client exactly describes what she / he would like to get. After that we evaluate if this wish can be realized and give a frame of the expected costs. When having the client's order we start realizing the project. Every
mondiani product is an unmistakable unicate of highest quality. Since mondiani products come along as timeless treasures, they also wiil do as capital assets.

We made your eyes shine like a diamond? Contact us by email under wishdreams@mondiani-international.com or by using our contact-form and tell us your wishdream personally at a place of your choice!

I'm happy to meet you!
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