Music and Film Productions

Music Department

The sun is rising when you look at this cute little girl. She surely would like to become a great music star. And you?

ou can become your own music producer and start your career in the music business with mondiani MUSIC. You would neither be dependant from the three music giants UNIVERSAL MUSIC, SONY MUSIC or WARNER MUSIC nor from those questionable casting shows on TV. mondiani MUSIC has got the knowhow to boost your music career. There are two conditions: you need to have enough talent (we can test and assess) and enough money to invest before your success brings back the start-investment!

Maybe you're already studying the art of music, hoping to play the best known concert halls around the world

Maybe you're an amazing guitar player and blues singer

Maybe you would like to rock ten thousands of cheering fans in the antique stadium Les Arenes in Nimes

Start your music career here:

Film Department

It can take very long time to get a good role in a good film. For most of the actresses and actors this will never come true. But the alternative is quite simple. Shoot your own moviebuster with yourself as the main actress or actor. You don't need the big film studios to do so. With mondiani PICTURES as your executive producer you can mix up the film industry. Here two conditions are also given: you have enough talent and enough invest capital for the production and marketing expenses that of course will return with the movie's success. And yes, no matter what some people say, there are objective criteria for a film to be successful. We know them!

Maybe you'd find it cool to act as a daring pirate

Maybe you'd like to bewitch an unlimited number of men and women as the NEW "Marilyn Monroe"

Maybe you're longing for a walk on the red carpet of famous film festivals

Maybe you would have great fun in the role of a smart agent like "James Bond"

Start your film career here: